What To Bring To AP Exam, Test? [LIST 2020] – Tips For Students

What To Bring To AP Exam Test

Don’t you know what to bring to ap exam? No need to worry because in this article I am going to give you a list of dos and don’ts.

So, that you have in mind what to bring and what not.  Here Are few things you should remember before going to exams:

  • Check where is your exam / test center to know the examination room.
  • Plan to arrive before the exam starts.

What To Bring To AP Exam, Test? Important ones

I am going to make a list & after reading the list you would have an idea what to bring to ap exam,test.

  • To fill the multiple-choice answer sheet bring the No. 2 Pencils
  • For exam booklet covers & most of exams free-response questions please bring pens with black dark blue ink.
  • If your exam allows a calculator, don’t forget to bring it.
  • A current photo Identification issued by the government or by the school (additional ID may be required by approved test centers outside of the United States), If you are not attending the school where you are taking the exam.
  • If you take an approved test accommodation exam, bring your SSD Accommodations Letter to the College Board.

AP Exam, Test; What Not To Bring:

There are things you should keep in mind before coming to the exam that you should not bring:

  • Any food or drink, even bottled water, is permitted in the examination room.
  • Electronic devices or tools for communication, including:
    • Single timers of any kind
    • Telephones, intelligent or any other wearable technology
    • Devices With Bluetooth

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